About Us

Our story 

Beyond Motivation was founded by three former U.S. military combat medics named Sam, Dante, and Nomar while working at an Oncology ward where patients underwent intensive radiation and chemotherapy treatments, they were inspired by the patients' unwavering determination to fight the disease. This inspired them to start the activewear brand Beyond Motivation, to spread the message of hope and perseverance to people who are going through tough times.

The brand believes that no matter how difficult the circumstances may seem, it's important to never give up and keep fighting to reach one's full potential of mind, body, and spirit.

However, creating a clothing brand as a small business was a daunting task for Sam, Nomar, and Dante, and their capital was completely drained. They were about to give up, but a funny thing happened - people were still buying the brand.

Sam and Dante finally realized that the tensile strength of the hardest steel can be measured, but not the human spirit's. The brand became a symbol of hope for others, regardless of whether it reaches one person or a million.


So, their story continues, and they will keep on going.




 And when all things fall apart, like the Phoenix, those who rise from the ashes will be reborn with the strength and wisdom to light the darkness.

Our mission

  A portion of the proceeds from Beyond Motivation apparel will go to

St. Jude's Children's research hospital