About Us

It is not about making it big; it is the small people-the community- that move mountains, support each other through pandemics, and fight against tyranny.

An Athlete can only reach their highest potential through the people they surround themselves with, through coaches, friends, and family. It is all about the community. 

 Beyond Motivation is a Veteran owned small business. Our goal is to create quality products that match or even surpass the leading brands for a fraction of the price.

We will prove that small businesses can excel through passion, dedication, and superior customer service. 


 More than just cloth, it's about the message. Those who come from the bottom will work their way to the top.

And when all things fall apart, like the Phoenix, those who rise from the ashes will be reborn with the strength and wisdom to light the darkness.

Our mission

Inspire others: We sponsor many up-and-coming youth athletes to allow them to excel in their sport, academics and in giving back to the community.

Quality: To provide the highest quality Artist-made clothing at affordable prices.

Service: Customer service and service to the community is our highest goal.

Unity: To unite people from all walks of life to better themselves in mind, body, and fighting spirit to pursue their dreams.

Innovation: We take pride in our original designs. Each product is carefully crafted, using a blend of logic and creative imagination. As a result, our products are functional yet pleasing to the eye.


Beyond Motivation was founded by like-minded individuals who refuse to give up despite the odds.

Our Story

Beyond Motivation was founded by former U.S military combat medics working at an Oncology ward where people go through intensive chemotherapy sessions yet never give up the fight. Hence the term Beyond Motivation was born.




 A portion of the proceeds from Beyond Motivation apparel will go to

St. Jude's Children's research hospital

We have supported the children's hospital since our company's founding in 2018 and will continue to do so until the end.